About Survey of India

The Survey of India (SOI) is one of the oldest organized surveying institutions in the world. The organization was established in 1767, with a history of more than 250 years and rich heritage of accurate geospatial information. Preparation of up-to-date topographical maps of India is the primary role of SoI. The Survey of India also acts as an adviser to Government of India on all survey related matters.

The responsibilities of Survey of India include :

  1. Conduct of all topographical and development surveys in the Country.
  2. Cover both topographical maps and geographical maps of India, for an area of (32, 87,263) Sq.km.
  3. The topographical maps are on scales of 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and 1:250,000, which are ideally suited for the professional work of geologists, geographers, foresters, engineers, planners, tourists, trekkers, mountaineers and others.

Over the years, Survey of India has generated an untold wealth of knowledge, data and experience. With its reputation for high standards and accuracy, it has evolved processes and techniques to generate Geospatial information of very high value and today has a large work force of highly skilled and professional surveyors, engineers, mathematicians, geographers, geodesy scientists, astronomers, cartographers and intrepid field workers.